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What is HAZIE?

A niche Human Resources platform that uniquely enables companies to automate & synchronize their talent acquisition and hiring processes. HAZIE serves as a digital assistant enabling a seamless yet efficient application and placement process for both the company and potential employees.

HAZIE automates the following business processes

Bursaries Application/s
Bursaries Application/s

Learnerships Application/s
Learnerships Application/s

Graduate Programmes Application/s
Graduate Programmes Application/s

Jobs Application/s
Jobs Application/s

Benefits of
coming onboard
with HAZIE

The Problems HAZIE Addresses

  • Manual processes
  • Repetition
  • Time consuming activities

Within HR when it comes to talent acquisition and recruitment.


  • A Single Source of Truth.
  • Central access to the advanced insights, analytics, etc to help decision makers make well informed decision.
  • Transparency / Access to each step/stage within the application.
  • Pre-Screening.
  • Files & Emails Management.
  • Central Access Files.
  • Handling Central communication between candidates and your brand.
  • 3rd Party Integrations (Psychometric Assessments, Background Screening
    – Personal Credential Verification).


  • We protect brand reputation. By handling support enquiries and provide feedback to candidates.
  • We give you peace of mind.
  • We empower you and your team to effectively do your job
  • Improve efficiency & productivity.
  • White Label: We stay out of the way. You keep your branding and etc

How Does HAZIE Work?

Step 1.


To screen the candidates based on the applications & criteria

Step 2.


Allow candidates to take an assessment based

Step 3.

Response Handling

Handling of communications, central access to documents & files.

Step 4.

Interview Scheduling

Assign the candidate to take an interview for the shortlisted candidate.

Step 5.

Vetting & Verification

Check Qualifications, Credit, Identity, Matric, etc

Step 6.


Placement of a potential candidate

What Inspired Hazie?

Job seekers spend a lot of time uploading/sending CVs across various websites, not only is this time consuming but also repetitive. Hazie was inspired to make this process more efficient and effective. Job seekers no longer need to fill out lengthy forms, Hazie will capture all this information within a matter of seconds and only once. It’s as simple as chatting to a friend.

Secure login

Admin can create specific roles for their team and those team members will receive emails with secure login details.

Easy Access to Reports

Get live reports on how the applications are performing and make well-informed decision in the process or at the end.

Manage Applications

You have the power to enable, disable or edit applications, view and edit questions, and also see how candidates are doing.

Detailed Insights on Each Stage of The Applications

You will be able to see detailed stats on how applications are doing from the number of candidates applying, how many are male or female. How many have qualified or unqualified per stage.

Manage Candidates

You will be able to view all candidates, see which stage they are currently at, search candidates through filters, message them individually or in groups.

View Candidates Application Stages

You will be able to view all the stages of application process for each candidate applied.

White Labelling

It’s your branding on our technology

HAZIE can customize the system with your branding. Or if you have any extra features and customization, we can set it up for you.

HAZIE provides a white labeled system that allows your brand to be powered by our technology.

We provide you secure hosting, integrations and specific features to suit your system requirements.

Interested in

If you would like to find out more, get a quote or book a demo kindly contact us.

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